Nandy's Candy

Nandy’s Candy is not just a candy store; it’s a part of the best memories and everyday special moments for all kinds of people. It’s a must-visit place for kids in town staying with grandma. It’s a first stop for those who’ve moved away and missed their American truffles or fudge. It’s a bag of Jelly Belly’s in every possible flavor, a Snoball in July, chocolate-dipped strawberries from the one you love. It’s a unique corporate gifts, wedding and party favors or a surprise happy just to say hello.

Snoballs are closed till the March 2019! 

Monday -Saturday 10AM-6PM

Corporate Gifts

Looking for personalized gifts? Baskets for a birthday, anniversary, retirement, and the holidays. Stand out from the crowd with your own custom logo mold.

For more information, call 601.362.9553. 


Gift Baskets

Traditional Basket
Fudge, American truffles, mint ice, caramel and chocolate popcorn, finished with foil wrapped holiday chocolates. The base is offered in many colors and patterns - just ask!


Custom Basket
Add any of our handmade chocolates and confections to a traditional basket. Wicker baskets also available.
$60.00 and up


Gift Trays

Small Tray (20 People)
Mint ice, divinity, fudge and chocolate covered pretzels.

Large Tray (40 People)
Mint ice, divinity, fudge, chocolate covered pretzels and chocolate dipped strawberries all on one tray. Customize it!
$175.00 and up

Custom Tray
Tell us the kind of candy you’d like on a tray and your budget - we aim to please!


Mississippi Products

Mississippi themed products are another great corporate gift. Click here to view our collection.


Custom Boxes

Small Boxes
$3.95 - 2 pieces of assorted chocolate (a cream and a caramel) and a heart
$5.95 - 2 piece truffle
$5.95 - 4 pieces of assorted chocolate
$12.95 - 1/4 lb. of assorted chocolate

Assorted Chocolates
Creams, meltaways, caramels and nut clusters
$18.00 - 1/2 lb.
$36.00 - 1 lb.

Assorted Nut Clusters
A mix of milk and dark chocolate covered peanuts,
walnuts, cashews and pecans.
$19.00 - 1/2 lb.
$38.00 - 1 lb.

Custom Logo Boxes
Custom logo box tops can be ordered for a one time fee - use yearly for no additional cost (approximately $100-$130 per plate) Minimum order is 50.


Custom Molds

What better way to make your brand stand out than to have your logo made out of chocolate! One time mold fee of $350. Chocolate priced by the pound. Logos can be foil wrapped or packaged in boxes. Call us for more information!