“Not just a candy store; a part of best memories and everyday special moments.”

There is candy, and then there’s Nandy’s Candy.

Nandy's Candy
1220 East Northside Dr., Suite 380
Jackson, MS 39211
Phone: 601.362.9553
Fax: 601.362.9045

Store Hours

 Monday- Friday 10AM-6PM, SATURDAY 10AM-%PM
Closed Sunday 

(OPEN every Sunday before a major holiday:

Christmas, Valentine's, and Easter

 Open 12-5PM) 

Anyone who has tasted Nandy’s Candy knows the delicious difference. Made in small batches in copper pots in the kitchen of the cheerful store at Maywood Mart, Nandy’s Candy does more than satisfy a sweet tooth’s craving. It creates fond traditions and strong relationships.

And that’s exactly what founder Nancy King set out to do as she opened the bright red doors of Jackson’s first premium handmade candy store in 1980. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today, Nandy’s Candy is not just a candy store; it’s a part of the best memories and everyday special moments of all kinds of people. It’s a must-visit place for kids in town staying with grandma. It’s a first stop for those who’ve moved away and missed their American truffles or fudge. It’s a bag of Jelly Belly’s in every possible flavor, a Snoball in July, chocolate-dipped strawberries from the one you love. It’s a unique corporate gift, wedding token, party favor, or a surprise happy just to say hello.

Nandy's Candy is now a second-generation candy store. Emmie and Nancy King are pictured below. 

Mistletoe Market Place, November, 2017